Fame at last, I made it to the pages of Cheshire Life Magazine! OK, so I may be a little over-excited on this one, but can you blame me really? I’m in there (August edition page 43) with a big smiley face and a tower of Rocky Road in the Cheshire Show feature. It’s hardly a full page spread promoting my business admittedly, but close enough for now. At least my name is on there, and surely I can add ‘as seen in Cheshire Life’ to my profile now?!? Being in my local shop and someone recognising me from Cheshire Life actually made my day, I know I’m sad and you’re probably thinking I should get out more but I genuinely don’t have the time lately! Naturally I feel such fame warrants it’s own blog post, if you don’t have a copy or can’t get one, here I am……Cheshire Life



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