Apparently this is true but at present my life is all about the cake. However, this week we had a box of organic food delivered – I know, get me, going all organic! It wasn’t my idea but in the spirit of trying new things why not? It was from Riverford Organic Farmers. You choose which box type you want, veg, fruit, meat, recipe, they source and pick it from local farms and then deliver it to you. All fresh and organic, even comes with the soil still on. (Don’t judge me but I actually find this a bit annoying, yes it’s all wow, so fresh, just dug up etc but then it’s urgh, soil everywhere, dirt in the salad drawer – do you see where I’m going with this). My laziness aside, they were wonderfully fresh fruits and vegetables and very good quality. Plus the meat box comes with a sheep’s wool insulation type thing to keep it cool so if you’re not in when they deliver it they can leave it on the doorstep. All the packaging is taken away and reused or recycled next time, I’m impressed with this and the service was excellent. The produce is seasonal so I’ve ended up with some items I perhaps wouldn’t normally choose. Kohlrabi??? What can I say I’ve lead a sheltered life, I only just found out I like beetroot recently after successfully avoiding it my whole life, and if you have a recipe suggestion for Red Chard please share…We’ll see how long this novelty lasts, but for now to quote Riverford; I’m ‘living life on the veg’

Riverford food


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