Is it allowed to enjoy going to work this much? In fact, I love it so much can I even call it work? I’m not sure! Despite the early starts, packing and unpacking the car, standing around and twelve hour days the Foodies Festival was brilliant. The organisers and staff were lovely, helpful and readily available to answer all my daft questions as a newbie trader. They could not have been more welcoming – I’m not even creeping to get a discount for next year (unless they’re offering of course, all helps) But genuinely they were epic! I was in a market stand so a ready erected pitch with a roof and table, nice and easy set up nothing to build. I was right in the centre of the row overlooking the main seating area so a really good position. To my left was Flavour Magic a collection of seasoning and salts and on the other side was Ooh Fudge with some of the tastiest fudge I’ve had. The event was three days long, starting on Friday which was relatively quiet but Saturday was very busy, I think everyone came to see Candice Brown, last years Great British Bake Off winner as she was doing a cooking demo and book signing. Take a look at the photo, she happily posed for a picture with my daughter, I had to stay and sell the cakes, but she did come over later to say ‘Hi’ as she knows Alana, much excitement for us as we’re huge Bake Off fans.

Foodies Collage Celeb

The other people are from The Apprentice, Rebecca Jeffery and Oliver Nohl-Oser. Both really lovely people. Oliver was attending with his company The Cumbrian Sausage Company, he makes sausages in case that title didn’t give it away. Apparently they’re available from Ocado, so I’m going to give them a try next time I order groceries. Rebecca lives not too far away and gave me loads of useful advice on growing my business, she’s great at drawing a crowd and got everyone coming over, plus she did a live video on Instagram which she then tweeted, great for exposure! So nice, and then she bought cakes. Luis Troyana (Also of Bake Off fame) was compering all three days, and after introducing myself (some may say he didn’t have a choice!) at the Cheshire Show, came over for a chat each day, also gave me some suggestions for other events to look into.

Sunday was even busier, loads of people out and about. Fortunately after some early morning rain it was blue skies for the rest of the day and Tatton Park is always a wonderful destination for a day out. My VIP winners had the most amazing day and kept coming to tell me how much fun they were having.

All in all, well worth it, met some great people, made some good contacts and spread the word a little further that Ridiculously Rich by Alana cakes are in Cheshire.

Foodies Collage.jpg



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