Well you’ve missed the first six weeks or so of my epic journey, so I’m going to try and summarise it with these edited highlights to get you up to speed! There’s been a lot of research, and not just the cake eating kind, paperwork and all the legal stuff. If I’m honest this was the bit about running my own business that worried me, the boring but vital bits! In actual fact there’s loads of help available online and luckily as Alana’s been doing this for years she’s got so much knowledge and experience that every question I have she can pretty much answer. Anyway, here are a few photos to show what it’s been like so far.

Stall shot

All set up for my first event at the Warrington Horse Show


At the Royal Cheshire Show, a big event for only my second show but so delighted to meet some of my foodie heroes. Sean Wilson (aka Martin Platt from Coronation Street, my fave soap) now an award-winning cheese maker.


Luis Troyana, finalist from the Great British Bake Off from 2014

JC Novelli

And again at the Cheshire Show, with Jean Christophe Novelli. Such a tough job this….

Jenga at Arley

A Peanut Butter Fudge Cake tower at Arley Hall Plant and Garden Festival.

Beach shot.jpg

For research I took some cakes to the beach to check they taste just as good in the sunshine! Good news is, if anything they taste better! Can you tell the Peanut Butter is my favourite.

Capesthorne with flowers

The very beautiful Capesthorne Hall in Macclesfield. I’ve discovered some really wonderful places lately.


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